Solar Water Pumping for Off Grid Applications

Watch Webinar | Time: 102:38

The first part of the presentation covers solar water pumping basics and theory, everything necessary to understand and design a basic solar water pumping system. The second part of the presentation focuses on the new line of SunWize Water Pumping Kits (WPK), design-integrated systems with simple lookup tables that cover a wide range of seasonal daily flow rates!

Water pumps are typically specified as having a specific Gallons per Minute (GPM) production given a specific solar array size and TDH depth. This value is multiplied by 60 (minutes in an hour), and then multiplied again by the number of sun hours for your project location. Multiplying the hourly production rate with the number of hours the sun shines at full power will give you the total gallons of water pumped per day (Gallons per Day). Typically the Gallons per Day metric is what is used to size and design the solar water pumping system. It’s the responsibility of the user or designer to determine how much water is required for the specific application. It’s always helpful to be conservative when estimating.

SunWize sells a new line of solar Water Pumping Kits (WPK), which are complete kits that are sized and designed to provide easy water pumping lookup solutions based on Total Dynamic Head and desired flow rate. They are designed for exact SunPumps and Franklin Electric solar specifications, making purchasing a complete off-grid solar water pumping system easy and simple.