Industrial Control Panels for Solar Applications

Watch Webinar | Time: 58:55

This webinar covered best practices, design recommendations, and general guidance for industrial control panels used in solar and battery backup applications. SunWize has been building and designing these control panels for over 25 years and have installed our systems on all 7 continents throughout the world.

Industrial control panels combine key power electronics equipment with the appropriate safety switch gear, such as breakers and fuses, onto a pre-wired and QC tested aluminum backplate that is OEM compatible with various SunWize battery enclosures. Control panels are the heart of every power system and this presentation will cover the most important aspects of control panels for Stand-Alone PV Battery systems and Battery Backup systems

SunWize carries a broad line of pre-wired and stocked control panels for most basic solar and battery backup applications. Our control panels feature key charge controllers and battery chargers from industry leading suppliers Morningstar Corp., Phocos, and Cotek. SunWize is able to design and manufacture a broad range of industrial control panels, from simple custom designs, to complex and UL-508A / ISO-9001 certified control panels.