Solar Battery Fundamentals – Presented by MK-DEKA & SunWize

Watch Webinar | Time: 59:13

With recent reductions in solar module costs, batteries are now typically the most valuable component of an off-grid power system. Because VRLA (Gel and AGM lead acid) batteries are the preferred option for the overwhelming majority of industrial off-grid solar and battery backup applications, it’s extremely important to understand their limitations and weaknesses. While high quality and well maintained VRLA batteries are extremely reliable and should last between 5-7 years in solar applications, even a brand new battery can be completely destroyed quickly if handled and treated improperly.

Please join off-grid industry leaders SunWize and MK-DEKA for a joint webinar on understanding Solar Battery Fundamentals. Gain valuable insights from the perspectives of both the manufacturer (MK-DEKA), as well as, the designer-integrator (SunWize), on what it takes to effectively operate solar battery based systems.

Batteries are frequently replaced every 1-2 years, yet in many cases these replacements are completely unnecessary. There are (2) extremely common reasons that this happens.
• The first reason is that many businesses continue to use batteries in deep cycling applications that are not designed for deep cycling. This may or may not save you money in the short term, but will certainly cost you more money in the long term. Understand that some batteries labeled as “deep cycling” are really just re-labeled car batteries that do not actually perform well in cycling applications.
• The second reason is that many poorly designed systems result in battery banks that begin to sulfate due to remaining at low states of charge for extended periods and/or not receiving sufficient absorption charging.

In this presentation we will cover the following topics:
• Battery Safety
• Cycle Life
• Charging Parameters
• Battery Sulfation
• Temperature Effects
• Are My Batteries Charged?
• Much More! Less…