Basic System Troubleshooting Learn Where to Begin

Troubleshooting a non-functioning solar system can be frustrating and time consuming without the right tools and knowledge. Site visits to resolve the issue can be costly, especially if requiring multiple visits. Hiring a third party to troubleshoot the system for you can be especially expensive. Even perfectly designed systems can experience issues due to circumstances beyond your control. Knowing how to handle those situations if and when they arise will help your business drastically improve its operations.

Join SunWize senior engineer Rob Rallo, who has over 25 years’ experience designing and troubleshooting off-grid power systems, for an informative session on how to get your power system back online as quickly and efficiently as possible. If there is an actual problem with your system, understand how to isolate those issues and what steps to take.

This presentation will cover:
• Required tools and equipment list
• How to perform a visual inspection before testing
• How to test your solar array, batteries, and controller(s)
• Common problems to look for
• Use single line diagram to test devices from load to array
• Review of controller types and basic system maintenance