Solisto SOL-12-285-AGM-T Solar Battery

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  • 12V Battery
  • 285Ah at C/100 | Group Size: 8D
  • Terminals: Threaded Insert – M8-1.25
  • Long life for deep discharge uses

  • Solisto

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    Solisto SOL-12-285-AGM-T Solar Battery

    The Solisto SOL-12-285-AGM-T Solar Batteries are maintenance-free premium batteries that are designed for use in off-grid solar systems, hybrid solar systems, and grid-tied battery backup systems.

    Solisto SOL-12-285-AGM-T Solar Batteries are specially designed for frequent cyclic charging and discharging. By utilizing strong grids, thick plates, and specially active materials they are designed for repeated deep-discharge applications. Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology makes the batteries safer to handle and utilizes special valves to help prolong the batteries’ lifespan.

    Designed for Solar
    Many off-grid solar systems are out in the middle of nowhere, sometimes hours away from the nearest town. When this is the case we know it’s critical that your system has reliable batteries that require no maintenance, and are always ready. This is why Solisto batteries are designed to ensure that they can return from a deep discharge. These batteries are non-spillable, so there is no risk of acid leaks and unlike with flooded batteries, there is no need for water refilling.

    Certified and Tested
    Solisto SOL-12-285-AGM-T Solar Batteries come with a robust set of certifications so you can have confidence in their reliability and usability. These certifications include ISO 9001 to ensure quality, ISO 14001 to ensure sustainability, and OHSAS 18001 to ensure worker safety. Solisto batteries are also UL Recognized (MH 65702) and CE Certified. We also ensure that our batteries are subjected to rigorous factory testing to ensure that every battery will meet or exceed their listed specifications.

    Long Battery Life
    We know that batteries are often the most expensive and critical component in a power system, that’s why Solisto SOL-12-285-AGM-T Solar Batteries are designed to provide superior integrity and reliability. Absorbent Glass Matt (AGM) technology gives these batteries a much longer shelf life than flooded batteries, up to six months without a maintenance charge. Additionally, when kept in a floating charge state these batteries are designed to live for up to 12 years.