PR Express Panel PWM SunSaver 20A C1D2

Assembled control panel for stand-alone uses or in our express shipped PRE systems. If in stock ships 1-3 days, backordered ships 2-3 weeks.

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  • 20 amp, 12v or 24v charge controller avaliable
  • Charge controller rated for 25% overload for 5 min
  • Fuses and Charge controller are rated for hazardous locations C1D2
  • Comes with 3 Fuses loaded into Fuse holders, and 1 Spare.

Product Data

PR Express Panel PWM SunSaver 20A C1D2

SunWize 240015 Radio Shelf

15"W × 8"D × 0.125"H

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PR Express Panel PWM SunSaver 20A C1D2

Sunwize power-ready express control panels are prewired aluminum panels, designed for stand-alone PV systems.

This control panel has all of the necessary switchgear to hook up the charge/load controller to a solar array, battery bank, and load. Includes 4 LP-CC-25 Fuses.

Available with a 12V or 24v, 20A Class 1 Division 2 (C1D2) Charge Controller.

The control panel consists of an aluminum backplate; a charge controller; two load terminals; and C1D2 fuses for the array, battery, and load. All Fuses are sized to match the rating of the charge controller.

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