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PR Express Panel PWM ECO-N-20T

Assembled control panel for stand-alone uses or in our express shipped PRE systems. If in stock ships 1-3 days, backordered ships 2-3 weeks.

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Part Number: 230076


  • PWM Controller for AGM, Gel & flooded batteries
  • Max PV input: 350W at 12V and 700W at 24V
  • Low Voltage Disconnect with (2) load connections
  • 5 year charge controller warranty
  • UL 1741 and Class 1 Division 2 controller certifications
  • Controller has IP68 fully potted PCB construction

Product Data

SunWize 240015 Radio Shelf

15"W × 8"D × 0.125"H

PR Express Accessory Panels

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PR Express Panel PWM ECO-N-20T

The SunWize PR Express Panel 230076 is a prewired aluminum back plate featuring the Phocos ECO-N-20-T PWM Class 1 Division 2 charge controller.  It has all of the necessary switchgear to hook up the charge/load controller to a solar array, battery bank, and load – simply terminate the provided PV and battery connections and wire in your 12/24VDC loads. The ECO-N-20-T has many advantages, such as low 4 mA idle self-consumption, LED indicators for easy troubleshooting, -40C to +60C operating range, and a robust 5-year product warranty.

This control panel contains everything necessary to effectively charge batteries using a solar PV array and is featured in our Power Ready Express line of solar systems. This control panel will fit in any SunWize Enclosure that contains standard back-plate mounting (see our Enclosure Guide for details). The control panel consists of an aluminum back plate; a charge controller; two load terminals; and (3) separate breakers sized appropriately for the array, battery, and load. Having breakers makes maintenance and troubleshooting easier than control panels that use fuses.

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