Specialty Concepts SCI ASC-12/12 Charge Controller

From: $52.00

Part Number: 003201


• 12 VDC | 8A
• Shunt regulation to protect equipment from battery voltage changes
• Completely encapsulated for environmental protection
• No minimum operating voltage (can charge a dead battery)
• Includes LVD protection and battery temperature compensation
• Includes reverse leakage protection

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Specialty Concepts SCI ASC-12/12 Charge Controller

The ASC-12/12 photovoltaic, Shunt battery charge controller is ideal for 1-4 solar panel systems. This unit offers unsurpassed protection to your batteries from overcharging including the option for LVD. The standard ASC-12/12 contains UL recognition and is FM approval for hazardous locations. It also has CSA approval for Canadian markets. The ASC features 100% solid state charge control. In addition, it boasts low power consumption and reverse leakage protection. Most noteworthy – this unit holds the record for high reliability since 1981.

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