Astronergy AstroHalo CHSM6612M 365W Solar Module

Heavy-duty, industrial 365W solar module featuring quick-connect MC4 cables and CE, CSA, and ISO 9001 certifications.

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  • 365W / 24V/ Not C1D2 rated
  • CE, CSA, ISO-9001, ISO-14011, IEC 62941
  • IP67 rated Junction Box three diodes
  • Robust frame supports 5400Pa front snow load or 2400Pa rear wind load
  • Hail Test certified for 45mm diameter hail at up to 30.7 m/s
  • Impact-resistant glass allows max light transmission

MC4 Cable, 1-C, #10AWG

MC4 Cable #10AWG

MC4 Connectors

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Astronergy AstroHalo CHSM6612M 365W Solar Module

The CHSM6612M Mono is a 365W module with silver frame. Astronergy created this heavy-duty-weather-resistant module. Because of this attribute, it is an excellent choice for off-grid solar power applications. The CHSM6612M features monocrystalline solar cells that produce higher output per module than others in the same class. The CHSM6612M is typically used to charge 24 volt or 48 Volt batteries when wired into one, two, or more solar modules. This solar module supports up to 1500 max system voltage. In addition, it features MC4 cables for a quick connection. This module is ISO-9001, CSA, CE, and TUV Nord IEC/TS 62941 certified.

This module has been rated Tier 1 by Bloomberg and is a 2018 Top Performance winner from DNV GL.

*This module is not for use within hazardous gas C1D2 locations. Looking for more information related to Solar Modules? Check out our Tech-Notes on Module Shading and Temperature Compensation. Looking for info on hazardous location ratings for solar modules? Click Here!.