019530 – AC/DC Inverter-Charger, 3000W, 12VDC, 120VAC, SL3000-112


Cotek SL3000-112

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SL-3000 Features

COTEK has focused on the development of power switching products since 1986, and COTEK continues focusing on the products of transformer, CCFL inverter, high wattage inverter, charger and power supply from the beginning to now. COTEK expects that every user could enjoy our worth products through more optimized and more simple design. COTEK is an ISO-9001 certified company. Besides, our quality assurance structure is audited by ISO, Safety labs (such as UL and TUV) , and customers from all over the world periodically, to make sure the quality level of our internal procedure and products.The most important thing is, COTEK products comply with international safety standard from UL, TUV, CE, FCC and obtain related license. All those requirements are considered in our product design. The SL3000-112 is a versatile inverter charger rugged enough for industrial applications but advanced enough for nearly any use.

  • All in one design: Bi-direction inverter and charger
  • 4 stage charging function with Max. 100A
  • Up to 12KW AC bypass capability (thru 2 legs , 50 Amp each)
  • Intelligent software for power management: Power sharing and generator function
  • Fan controls by load and temperature
  • -20C~40C full load operation without derating
  • UL458 with marine supplement , CSA 22.2 , FCC approved
  • Compact design (3000W @ 22.6 kg)
  • Accessory: Remote controller CR-20
  • AC Output Voltage120VAC ± 5% (≦ Continuous Power)
  • Rated Power3000W
  • Surge Power5 sec. : 3900W (Tentative) , 30 sec. : 3800W (Tentative) , 5 min. : 3200W (Tentative) , 30 min. : 3000W (Tentative)
  • Output WaveformPure Sine Wave (THD < 5%)
  • Frequency60Hz ± 0.1Hz
  • DC Input Voltage12V
  • DC Input Voltage Range9~17VDC ± 0.3V
  • Efficiency> 90% (Peak)
  • Operating Temperature-20℃ ~ 40℃
  • Storage Temperature-30℃ ~ 70℃
  • SafetyUL458 & Supplement SA , FCC class B
  • Dimension (WxHxD)321X203X349 mm / 12.64×7.99×13.74 inch
  • Weight (Net)22.6kg