Cotek SC-1200-112 Inverter Charger

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  • 1200W / 89% eff. / 50/60Hz
  • 12VDC input | 120VAC output
  • 5-in-1 operating modes
  • Built-in auxiliary DC output
  • Built-in 50 amp 4 stage charger
  • Certifications include: UL458 & UL1741
  • Highly integrated, compact size for hassle-free installation
  • Advanced protection features: voltage, temperature, overload short circuit

Cotek CR20C Remote

CR20C Remote Display

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Cotek SC-1200-112 Inverter Charger

The Cotek SC-1200-112 Inverter-Charger is a bi-directional inverter charger with 5-in-1 operating modes. Intelligent software renders power management a breeze. The SC series is capable of combining power from both AC and DC sources to power larger loads. Cotek has focused on the development of power switching products since 1986 making the SC-1200-112 a reliable and efficient product. All Cotek products comply with international safety stands from UL, CE, and FCC. If you are looking for a durable product, look no further – the SC-1200-112 is a versatile inverter-charger rugged enough for industrial applications.

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