Solar Rackworks SPR4-T18 Side of Pole Mount

Lead Time for order is typically 6-9 weeks as Solar Rackworks mounts are model-specific.

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Part Number: 018905


  • Fits 4 modules
  • Rated for 90mph (130mph versions available)
  • Seasonally adjustable
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Features durable 6061-T6 structural aluminum extrusions

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Solar Rackworks SPR4-T18 Side of Pole Mount

The Solar Rackworks SPR4-T18 mount is a durable side of pole mount. The mount is constructed of 6061-T6 structural aluminum extrusions, with stainless steel hardware. The SPR4-T18 mount is rated for 90mph wind loads, with 130mph versions available. The mount is seasonally adjustable from 0° to 60° in 10° increments.

• U-bolts instead of band clamps (pole diameter must be specified)
• Anodizing or powder-coating
• Heavy-duty band clamps for attaching to telephone poles or large diameter utility poles
• Designs for lag-bolting to wood poles
• Square-bend u-bolts for attaching to square poles