SunWize E1-38 Enclosure

Economy series, mill-finish, 1-battery, front-opening enclosure

From: $340.09

Part Number: 004141


• 11.25″H × 9.1″W × 5.6″D
• Surface mounted with slide-in door with screws
• Three bottom, two rear and two side 1/2” electrical knockouts
• Aluminum, mill-finished enclosure
• Backplate is included with enclosure

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SunWize E1-38 Enclosure

The E1-38 aluminum battery enclosure features removable covers with stainless steel screws. Your batteries and electronics are protected from the elements in the mill-finished metal enclosure. The E1-38 has two rear ½” electrical knockouts and rear louver vents and three bottom ½” knockouts with an external mounting tab for 2″ pipe U-bolts. It is ideal for industrial and remote solar applications.

Please note: Power Ready Express (PRE) Control Panels do not fit in the UPS style enclosure

More about SunWize Power & Battery enclosures

Sunwize Power & Battery Battery Enclosures are available in various sizes and configurations for housing batteries and support equipment, engineered specifically for the PV industry but suitable in a wide variety of applications.

Most of our enclosures are designed to NEMA3R and rated for outdoor use. White powder coating and quality manufacturing ensure a robust enclosure that will survive even the harshest conditions. Sunwize Power & Battery also offers custom enclosures to meet any specification.

All Enclosures include rainproof design, electrical knockout, and ventilation.

  • M Series Enclosures are pole-mounted enclosures featuring new battery storage capabilities and a hammered powder coat finish.
  • F Series Enclosures are cost-effective solutions for housing one to four batteries with supporting equipment.
  • T Series Enclosures are ground mounted aluminum or steel chest enclosures, either white powder-coated or mill-finished, and feature hinged, pad-lockable lids.
  • UPS Series Enclosures are targeted for battery backup system applications with two separate enclosures; one for a system’s batteries and one for the electronics.
  • E/C Series Enclosures are Aluminum enclosures feature removable covers with stainless steel screws.
  • WF Series Enclosures accommodate larger back panels for more support equipment, also designed for one to four batteries.
  • Large Power Electronics and Battery Enclosures are front-opening & large enough to accommodate your equipment.

Custom Designed Enclosures are made special order specifically for our customers’ applications, we can design and build a variety of sizes and types of enclosure. Chat with us now to get your custom enclosure started!