Morningstar SS-6-12V Charge Controller

Class 1 Division 2 Certification

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Part Number: 003245


• 12 VDC | 6 A
• PWM: Pulse Width Modulation technology
• Up to 30% increased solar power into the battery per day
• Includes ability to charge a zero voltage battery
• Compatible with 12V battery systems
• Includes low voltage disconnect override protection

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Morningstar DIN-1, Din Stainless Steel Rail Clips


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Morningstar SS-6-12V Charge Controller

Morningstar is pleased to introduce our third generation SunSaver. Since its first market introduction in 1996, over 1 million SunSaver controllers have been installed in over 73 countries for numerous solar power systems including oil/gas, telecom and instrumentation, marine and boating, and remote homes. We have retained much of our legacy design including the same ratings, footprint and simple user interface. Versions include SS-6-12V, SS-10-12V.

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