Solar Power Solutions for Weather & Environmental Monitoring

Weather-StationWeather and environmental monitoring plays an integral role in scientific research and data collection as well as in transportation safety. Sometimes, grid power is not available for these operations. At others, it is simply too unreliable. This is where solar power and battery systems come in.

SunWize Power and Battery has served universities and transportation departments for years with sturdy remote power systems. Each system, from the solar panels and voltage converters to the controls and battery bank, is specifically designed with your location and power requirements in mind. They are also built from quality components that allow the system to outlast all but the most catastrophic of weather conditions.

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Remote power systems have numerous applications for environmental and weather monitoring. Since these monitoring operations frequently occur where grid power is either unavailable or cost-prohibitive, those in charge of making them work often seek alternative power solutions. Solar power allows for cost-effective remote energy solutions in these areas, making Sunwize systems incredibly useful for powering various types of remotely located equipment. Applications include:

  • Airport Runway Monitoring
  • Lightning Detection
  • Remote Communications
  • Intelligent Weather Information Systems
  • Early Warning Sirens
  • Wind Farm Monitoring
  • Surface Transportation Weather
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Fish Migration Monitoring
  • Surface transportation weather monitoring
  • Remote communications
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and telemetry
  • Remote data acquisition
  • Telecommunications systems

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SunWize has used Power Ready Systems to provide off-grid power for weather and environmental monitoring in various remote locations. Our Power Ready System comes mostly prefabricated and thus requires minimal time and personnel to assemble. This saves on costs to you, both in terms of labor and time. In addition, solar power also reduces your overall energy costs in the long run.

As they are both convenient and cost-effective, our solar power solutions yield numerous benefits to you, whether you are tracking salmon movements in the wild or monitoring road conditions on the highway. These advantages include:

– 24/7 power through specially selected solar panels and a charging battery
– Skilled engineers design solar power packages to match your specific needs
– Battery bank keeps equipment running at night and during inclement weather
– Collaborative effort ensures that your power requirements are met
– Rugged system design outlasts adverse conditions with minimal need for maintenance

When it comes to remote solar power systems, proper design is key, especially when it comes to providing electricity for specific load requirements. If everything does not match up exactly the way it’s supposed to, it can have serious negative results. This is why each component used is carefully selected and checked for quality. Your system design as a whole is handled by skilled engineers with plenty of experience in the industry.

  • University of Montana

    Positioned Power Ready Systems with equipment in remote and mountainous areas where utility access was limited for the university Earthquake and Measurement Research Project

  • UC Natural Reserve System

    Used Power Ready Systems for environmental monitoring on multiple remote sites with different geographical locations, each requiring unique off-grid solutions. Click Here to learn more.

  • Arizona Department of Transportation

    Arizona Department of Transportation

Quotation Process

Our quotation process gives you the opportunity to address your specific project with one of our Sales Representative. Upon completion of our Project-Power System Worksheet, we review your power requirements and provide a quotation for an integrated power system that includes appropriately-sized solar power array, battery bank, control assembly, cost and lead time.

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