Remote Solar Battery Solutions for Airport Noise Monitoring Systems

Appl-Airport-NoiseThe FAA has procedures, standards, and methodology that govern the development, submission, and review of airport noise exposure maps and airport noise compatibility programs. It provides technical assistance to airport operators, in conjunction with other local, State, and Federal authorities, to prepare and execute appropriate noise compatibility planning and implementation programs.

At SunWize Power & Battery, we are here to assist you in meeting these regulations in keeping communities peaceful, while using the state-of-the art, reliable and cost-effective remote solar battery systems.

Solar power is the most reliable and cost-effective alternative with regards to getting power into those remote areas where your monitoring equipment needs to go. At SunWize Power & Battery, our experience and quality products makes working in remote areas easier. Our remote solar power battery systems are being used where event of an outage can be problematic, standard electric systems are inaccessible or are not cost effective to use.

Our ruggedly designed remote solar power batteries can help you meet aircraft safety requirements in any locale, whether that is in the middle of a densely-lit city or in remote rural areas. Our team can help you customize your systems to meet your precise lighting needs. With SunWize Power & Battery, reliably powering noise monitoring equipment and getting the data where it needs to go.

FAA and FCC Standards

Regulations regarding sound monitoring systems covers various aspects of the FAA standards including Airport Improvement Program (AIP), Airport Safety and Environmental Program. It is beneficial to have experts in the field of solar irradiance, off grid and remote power solutions to help your systems function consistently and reliably.

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The Solar Solution

Solar power is a convenient, reliable way to power this noise measurement equipment, as well as the data logging equipment and modems used to send data back to the central monitoring station. Our systems can also be used to power SCADA, supervisory control and data acquisition systems.

We have a long history of working with airports to provide solar power systems for remote noise monitoring. Sunwize systems are industry-standard remote power and battery systems, a logical, safe solution for airport noise monitoring.

Our SunWize Power Ready System, for instance, allows sites with little or no access to utility power the ability to run monitoring equipment with ease. Our systems arrive to your site 85 percent complete and usually need only one electrician and a few mechanical workers to get it up and running.

We are here to help with all customizable solutions, our highly-experienced solar engineering staff can design a power system that meets your specific electrical, logistical and environmental requirements.

Our highly-experienced solar engineering staff designs rugged power systems to meet your project’s specific electrical, logistical, and environmental requirements.

Solar power and batteries can provide a convenient, cost-effective solution to areas without access to the utility power needed to implement telecom systems such as WiFi, base transceiver stations (BTS), cell phone networks, satellite terminals, and so forth. It can also help maintain telecommunication systems in the event of inclement weather, which is particularly useful for emergency situations.

For example, remote power systems can be used to support a wifi infrastructure in areas without access to conventional power. It can also be useful on large campuses in locations where power may not otherwise be cost effective to obtain. Solar power can help maximize the efficiency and minimize the costs of the following telecom technologies:

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Advantages of Remote Solar Energy

SunWize remote power solutions provide numerous advantages when used to monitor airport noise.

– Solar panel charges a battery while powering monitoring systems
– Battery power lasts several days when in use
– Reduces grid power consumption costs
– Allows for constant monitoring 24/7

Customized for specific power requirements due to monitoring standards

Quotation Process

Given the variety of requirements for noise monitoring equipment and the solar isolation requirements of your specific zone, it is highly recommended to contact our team to assist you in designing a solar power system demands. Upon speaking with our team, providing information on your project’s power requirements, we will assess your needs and provide an quote for your integrated power system that includes an appropriately-sized solar power array, battery bank, control assembly, cost and lead time.

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