Solar Power Solutions for Public Announcement and Natural Disaster Warning Systems

Emergency-BroadcastPublic Warning Systems & Natural Disaster Warning Working When Needed

A natural disaster warning system needs to function in conditions that may compromise local grid power. Therefore an independent power system is essential to ensure that warning sirens, wireless notifications, and other emergency notification measures can function in any situation.

This power system must operate through any weather, so determining how public announcement systems will be powered should be taken into consideration when making emergency response plans.

Rugged SunWize Power and Battery systems are built to last in uncertain conditions. With the design expertise of our team and quality original equipment manufacturer (OEM) components, each system can be specially tailored to meet the precise power needs of an area’s emergency warning system.

  • Tsunami, hurricane, tornado, and flood warning systems
  • Short-wave radio
  • Audio public address systems
  • Wireless emergency alerts
  • Whelen emergency warning sirens
  • Backup four-way street lighting
  • Two-way radio
  • Electronic signs/digital signs
  • Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), telemetry, remote terminal units (RTU), and other data acquisition systems
  • Backup parking lot lighting
  • Weather radio
  • Telecommunication systemsClass I Division 2 certified Remote instrumentation
  • Smart Agriculture Com
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Promptness is key when it comes to responding well to a disaster situation. This means your disaster warning system needs to be able to operate without any delays or mishaps. However, the sprawling, tangled infrastructure of grid power can be easily compromised in the event of a natural disaster and difficult to repair immediately, not to mention cost-prohibitive in remote locations.

Solar power can solve the issues inherent in grid power. Our remote power systems can provide electricity 24/7 to the various elements involved in your emergency notification system, including the following:
Our highly-experienced solar engineering staff designs rugged power systems to meet your project’s specific electrical, logistical, and environmental requirements.

Solar power and batteries can provide a convenient, cost-effective solution to areas without access to the utility power needed to implement telecom systems such as WiFi, base transceiver stations (BTS), cell phone networks, satellite terminals, and so forth. It can also help maintain telecommunication systems in the event of inclement weather, which is particularly useful for emergency situations.

For example, remote power systems can be used to support a wifi infrastructure in areas without access to conventional power. It can also be useful on large campuses in locations where power may not otherwise be cost effective to obtain. Solar power can help maximize the efficiency and minimize the costs of the following telecom technologies:

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Advantages of Remote Solar Energy

With project-oriented design and client-oriented service, our team can provide solar power to even the most remotely located disaster warning systems.
Each element of an emergency notification system needs to be unified with the overall plan in order to optimize communication in the event of a disaster. The ideal system needs to be:
– Timely
– Easy to use
– Affordable
– Able to communicate instructions over a wide area
– Able to contain multiple communication paths
– Interoperable

As part of making a system as reliably usable as it needs to be in the event of a disaster, each component needs to have the right amount of power fed to it 24/7. Since each system is both unique and complex, this requires industry experience in designing solar power systems that meet specific load requirements. We work with you to determine the solar panels, thermoelectric generators, wind generators, fuel cell voltage converters, batteries, inverters and power supplies you need for your particular system.

Each of our solar power packages will afford you the following benefits:

– Solar-charged battery bank to allow for constant power in any weather conditions
– Rugged industrial solar power equipment that is built to last
– Equipment specially attuned to your specific load requirements

Our team has the industry experience needed to ensure that your solar power equipment meets your exact needs.

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