Solar Battery Systems Power Lighting & Signage Applications Across Security, Traffic, Recreation, Construction, & More!

SunWize has been involved in lighting applications since our inception over 25 years ago. As one of the primary applications that SunWize services, we’re excited to help you learn how solar energy can be used to power a wide array of industrial, commercial, and consumer lighting & signage products!

Capability Statement

Solar Lighting Industries

Solar systems allow our customers to power lighting loads in locations where grid power is not available, unreliable, or too expensive. Solar powered lighting systems are increasingly used to provide cost effective displays for pedestrians, drivers, advertising, and much more!

In developing countries, there’s a fast growing emphasis on using solar to provide lighting for rural electrification. From Africa and South America to the Caribbean and South Asia, solar is helping provide clean and affordable lighting needs for millions without access to electricity!

SunWize is ready to help you tackle your lighting power needs! Whether you’re wondering what the FAA obstruction lighting requirements are, whether you need aircraft warning lights for buildings, are looking for general LED obstruction lights, or just want to power a simple business sign or road-sign flasher, we’ve got you covered!

Non-critical solar lighting applications generally include the following:

  • Security Lighting (Parking lot/ Walkway/ Sensor)
  • Sports Lighting (LED/ Signs)
  • Signs (Business Signs/ Billboards/ HOA)
  • Residential Area Lighting (Patio/ Landscape)
  • Construction Lighting (Flood/ Area)
  • Recreational (Outdoor/ Park/ Structures/ Kiosks)
  • Industrial (Mining/ Telecom/ Agriculture)

Critical solar lighting applications generally include the following:

  • Obstruction Lighting (FAA, Tower, Turbines)
  • Navigation (Buoys/ Waterway Markers/ Airports)
  • Traffic Flashers (Schools/ Crosswalk/ Fire)
  • Traffic Lighting (Street/ Roadside)

Solar Charge Controller Lighting Capabilities

There are several advantages to using solar energy in lighting applications. The first advantage is that solar and battery powered systems run off of DC power, so if DC lighting is used, then there’s no need for AC power, which can cause efficiency and standby losses.

The second advantage is that solar charge controllers have a sophisticated array of features and lighting controls that allow users to program and control specific lighting applications extremely well. This allows customers to avoid having to setup or purchase a separate lighting controller, since it’s built into the solar charge controller automatically!

Available Lighting Features

» Lighting Timers
customizable or pre-set
» Dawn / Dusk sensors
» Light Sensitivity
» Built-in LED drivers

» Single Load / Dual Load
» Dimming
» Motion Sensing
» Memory / Learning

Many of the solar charge controllers have factory lighting presets that can be used to accomplish most basic dawn / dusk based lighting programming needs. These are typically simple lighting based timers that provide a certain amount of lighting on time both before and after dawn and dusk.

Below are some example program options available on the Morningstar SunLight charge controllers. These options are controlled via a simple rotary dial on the charge controller unit, just as shown for the MidNite Solar Brat controller above.

Some charge controllers with more advanced programming capabilities will allow custom programming of timing set points around dawn and dusk, as well as, daily and weekly programming controls. Notice the timing around dawn / dusk are controlled via switch-on and switch-off delays.

Some more advanced solar charge controllers feature expanded capabilities, like motion detection, dimming, memory learning, and more!

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