When USGS needed to power a Biomark antenna array in a study site with no road access.



Biomark worked with researchers from the USGS Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center to install a PIT-tag antenna array in Clear Creek, a tributary to the Lewis River, near Cougar, Washington. The PIT system detects PIT-tagged juvenile salmon and steelhead that pass over the antenna array.


To provide a remote site power solution for an antenna system that needed to operate year-round without interruption. The study site has no road access and all equipment had to be transported via non-motorized boats.


SunWize Power & Battery Power Ready, 1800 watt solar array, 420 Ah, 24V battery

Biomark turned to SunWize for a low maintenance, reliable solar power system. Pre-engineered to continuously power the system through the winter during periods of low solar activity, SunWize developed an appropriately sized Power Ready solar system specifically tailored to the Biomark’s PIT system loads in order to maximize reliability and minimize costs. Shipped partially pre-assembled, the SunWize system was easy to transport to the remote study site while minimizing the set-up time required.

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