Off Grid 12V and 24V Solar Modules

Sunwize Power and Battery solar modules deliver top-quality performance for all photovoltaic applications including rural electrification, water pumping, security, oil & gas, telemetry, communications, and general battery charging. Each module consists of 36 or 72 solar cells connected in series, providing maximum charging power for your battery health.

These high quality solar modules are a perfect fit for industrial applications and feature two (2) bypass diodes for reliable operation and to protect against hot-spot damage during partial shading. Each junction box is IP65 rated, has (4)-1/2” conduit knockouts and (2) pre-installed cord grips for moisture protection.

SunWize is also a distributor for several module manufacturers, including SolarTech Power, Yingli, Canadian Solar, LONGi, Astronergy, REC, and others. We stock a full selection of solar modules from 5W to 380W, including 12V (36-cell), 24V (72-cell), Class 1 Division 2 (C1D2), and UL 1703 options. We carry large format commercial solar modules for larger applications or those that do not require hazardous location ratings. We also manufacture custom and special solar modules for small off-grid and OEM applications.


110W Class 1 Division 2 (C1D2), UL 1703, 36-cell Module Installed on SunWize Side-of-Pole Mount

SunWize Solar Module Features include:

  • UL-1703 and CSA certified for hazardous locations Class 1 Div. 2, Groups A,B,C,D
  • 5-year workmanship and limited 20-year performance warranty
  • Glass surface that is impact resistant and allows maximum light transmission
  • Contains (2) bypass diodes to protect against hot-spot damage during partial shading
  • Weather resistant IP65 rated Junction Box with quantity (4) 1/2” conduit knockouts accommodates all wiring methods. Includes moisture-tight strain relief connectors and is rated for 1000V
  • Single crystalline solar cells are encapsulated and bonded to the glass in multiple layers of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) and laminated with a white Tedlar backing insuring long life in severe environmental conditions
  • Anodized aluminum tubular frames add strength and durability to the modules with pre-drilled mounting holes that work with most solar mounts

Class 1 Division 2 w/ Junction Box

Hazardous locations are defined as places where fire or explosion hazards may exist due to flammable or combustible materials, such as gases, vapors, dust, or fibers. These locations may have concentrations present in the air in sufficient quantities as to produce explosive or ignitable reactions. These requirements are particularly prevalent in the oil & gas industry,  but may be present in a variety of other applications as well.

These locations are broken up into several classifications, depending on the exact risk that is present. These can include Zones (0, 1, 2, 20, 21, 22), Classes (I-III), Divisions (1 and 2), and Groups (A,B,C,D,E,F,G). Class 1 Division 2 areas typically do not contain ignitable concentrations of gases under normal operating conditions, but may contain them under abnormal conditions (most often as a result of leaks).

Most solar modules that are used in hazardous location zones are rated as Class 1, Division 2. SunWize Power & Battery solar modules have Class 1 Division 2 certification for groups A (acetylene), B (hydrogen), C (ethylene), and D (propane).

  • 320W — 24V — C1D2

    From: $549.00
  • 160W — 12V — C1D2

    From: $319.00
  • 110W — 12V — C1D2

    From: $265.43
  • SWPB 80w 12V Solar Module

    80W — 12V — C1D2

    From: $245.00
  • 50W — 12V — C1D2

    From: $176.82

UL 1703 Listed w/ MC4 Output

These solar modules are certified to UL 1703, like our module line below, but also have pre-installed MC4 output cables for easier field installation or when MC4 connector types are preferred over regular tray cable or conduit. Many contractors and installers prefer using MC4 connector types when installing systems due to their simplicity, universal nature, and quick installation time. If custom wiring into the Junction Box is not required, this module line is a great way to save on labor and installation costs.
  • 110W — 12V — MC4

    From: $265.00
  • 160W — 12V — MC4

    From: $309.00
  • SunWize SWPB-80-MC4 Solar Module

    80W — 12V — MC4

    From: $238.00
  • 50W — 12V — MC4

    From: $159.00

UL 1703 Listed w/ Junction Box

UL 1703 is the UL listing that covers flat-plate photovoltaic (PV) modules in accordance with the National Electric Code (NEC), NFPA 70, and Model Building Codes. These modules are intended to be used in systems with voltages rated at 1,500 Volts or less. When purchasing UL 1703 certified solar modules, you know that you're getting products that have undergone robust testing and validation of design.

Originally published in 2002, UL 1703 remains the main certification benchmark for solar module quality. Many government agencies and private businesses prefer or mandate that the solar modules they use be certified to UL 1703. If fire classification or permitting will be part of your project requirements, sourcing UL 1703 certified solar modules will likely be required.


SunWize 80W UL 1703 Certified Junction Box

  • 110W — 12V — UL

    From: $250.00
  • 160W — 12V — UL

    From: $305.00
  • SunWize SWPB-80-UL Solar Module

    80W — 12V — UL

    From: $230.00
  • 50W — 12V — UL

    From: $149.00

Large Format 72-Cell Commercial Modules

When looking for the most economical style of solar modules, look no further than commercial grade, large format 72-cell solar modules. These are typically rated for between 300W to 400W and generally measure approximately 77" long x 39" wide. These modules are typically used in residential, commercial, and utility-scale solar projects, but are also excellent choices in off-grid applications when larger loads require bigger arrays than may make sense with small format modules.

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