SunWize SWPB-110-C1D2-24 Solar Module

Heavy-duty, industrial 110W 24V solar module featuring C1D2 rating and a UL 1703 certifications.

This 110W solar module (SunWize Part# 021211) is a replacement for the following 24V SolarTech Power modules: Solartech SPM090P-WP-F, Solartech SPM090P-WP-F.

From: $310.79

Part Number: 021211


  • 110W / 24V / C1D2 rated & UL 1703 certified
  • 5-Year product workmanship warranty
  • Anodized aluminum tubular frame for durability
  • Two bypass diodes protect against hot-spot damage
  • Impact-resistant glass allows max light transmission
  • Junction Box with (4) ½” conduit knockouts
  • Replacement for other 24V 100-110W C1D2 modules, such as Solartech SPM090P-WP-F, Solartech SPM090P-WP-F, Solarland SPL090-24C1D2, Solarland SPL140-24C1D2, Ameresco 80J-B, Ameresco 90JB-V, Ameresco 120J-B, GRACO B32014, GRACO B32753, SES 490J, SES 120J-24.

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SunWize SWPB-110-C1D2-24 Solar Module

The SWPB-110-C1D2-24 is a 110W 24V module. Accordingly, you can wire it in series for higher voltages. It’s also an impact-resistant solar module. Because of this, it is an excellent choice for off-grid solar power applications in harsh locations. It features single crystalline solar cells bonded to white Tedlar backing ensuring a long life in severe environmental conditions. It also has three sets of mounting holes, making it a great replacement for other common 110 Watt 24V modules such as the Solartech SPM090P-WP-F and SPM090P-WP-F. The SWPB-110-C1D2-24 is typically used to charge 24 Volt or 48 Volt batteries when wired with one or two solar modules. C1D2 and UL 1703 certified.

This solar module (SunWize Part# 021211) is an excellent alternative and direct replacement for the following 24V solar modules:

  • Solartech SPM090P-WP-F
  • Solartech SPM090P-WP-F
  • Solarland SPL090-24C1D2
  • Solarland SPL140-24C1D2
  • Ameresco 80J-B
  • Ameresco 90JB-V
  • Ameresco 120J-B
  • GRACO B32014
  • GRACO B32753
  • SES 490J
  • SES 120J-24

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SunWize Power & Battery designs and builds reliable, stand-alone industrial power solutions and electronic assemblies for integration into OEM products and field applications. We also manufacture our own line of solar modules, including this 110W module SWPB-110-C1D2-24. With over 25 years of proven reliability in extreme environments, our solar, battery backup, and hybrid power systems are pre-engineered, assembled and tested for easy installation and minimal maintenance. We work with Governments, small to medium-sized businesses and Fortune 500 companies in a diverse range of applications.


We offer competitive advantages to businesses in a variety of burgeoning fields, such as security, disaster relief, agriculture, environmental monitoring, telecommunications, wireless communication, automation, oil & gas, construction, and many others. Our expertise is powering an increasingly interconnected world built on IoT sensor networks, cameras, energy and water infrastructure, weather stations, and much more. This equipment is often located where there is no access to the grid.

As a SunWize customer, you will be assigned an experienced account executive who will understand your specific business needs. Our streamlined five-step process includes:

  • Site and Load Analysis
  • System Proposal
  • Engineering & Design
  • Production & Testing
  • Delivery
  • Capability

If you’re looking for turnkey systems, OEM integration, or something custom, we can help. We also offer a broad spectrum of remote power system solutions, such as:

  • Custom & pre-packaged systems
  • Batteries
  • Solar Modules, like this SWPB-110-C1D2-24
  • Enclosures
  • 24/7-365 web orders