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Key Lock Latch Upgrade for M-Series

Easy to install, Key Lock Upgrade Kit. Compatible with M1-31, M2-31, M1-8D, and M2-8D. Two Keys are included with this upgrade kit. For the Compression Latch, Triangle Key please order Part Number: 270539

From: $37.78


  • Features a Dust Cover to protect Key Lock internals
  • Two metallic Keys are included
  • Quick installation during system deployment
  • Works with all M-Series enclosures (except M1-24)
  • This Key Lock uses the same key as our F-Series Enclosures
  • Two Key Lock Upgrade Kits needed for M2-8D Enclosures
  • Order Part Number: 270539 for the Compression Latch, Triangle Key, M Series

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Key Lock Latch Upgrade for M-Series

This is a Key Lock upgrade for our M-Series of enclosures, and it is compatible with all M-Series enclosures, except the M1-24.This Key Lock upgrade is compatible with both our Desert Sand M-Series, and White Powder Coat M-Series. Here are direct links to our White Powder Coat M-Series Enclosures M1-31, M2-31, M1-8D, and M2-8D. Two of these Key Lock latches are required for M2-8D enclosures, and one latch is required for M1-31, M2-31, and M1-8D enclosures. Two Keys are included with this upgrade kit. These Key Lock Latches feature a dust cover that covers the keyway when the lock is not in use. The dust cover keeps debris and the elements from entering the keyway, increasing durability and longevity of the lock. A weather sealing washer between the cam and the lock body is present as well, in place to guard against heavy rain. This Key Lock latch upgrade pairs very well with our Louver Screen Kits, which are also available for our M-Series of Enclosures. These screens slide into the guides built into the enclosure sides to securely hold the screen against the louvers. These screens are ideal for keeping bugs, insects, spiders, pests, and other debris from entering the enclosure. These screens are easy to install within seconds during system installation. This accessory allows for a simple and effective solution to a common problem remote site power applications commonly have. This accessory is compatible with all M1-8D and M2-31 enclosures.