PR Express Accessory Panel 12VDC Timer

Assembled control panel for stand-alone uses or in our express shipped PRE systems. If in stock ships 1-3 days, backordered ships 2-3 weeks.

From: $250.00

Part Number: 230082


  • Quality Peltec timer with three load connections
  • Completely assembled and ready to install
  • Used in Power Ready Express Systems or stand-alone applications
  • Digital display allows for easy adjustment

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PR Express Accessory Panel 12VDC Timer

SunWize PR Express Accessory Panel 230082 is a prewired aluminum control panel for our Power Ready Express systems. It features a Peltec fully programmable, 24-hour, 7-day, digital timer. The timer has a digital display that displays the current status of the timer and allows easy adjustment of the timer’s programming. The accessory side plate wires directly into an existing PRE Control Panel’s load terminals, making it very easy to install.