Phocos CIS-N Charge Controller

Class 1 Division 2 Certification

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• 12-24 VDC | 10 or 20A
• PWM: 4- stage Pulse Width Modulation technology
• Auto-detects system voltage between 12 and 24V
• Includes LVD protection and battery temperature compensation
• Ideal for harsh environments with C1D2, UL 1741 rating
• Showcases an intuitive interface and user-programmable charge regime

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Phocos CIS-N Charge Controller

PWM -- 10-20A


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Phocos CIS-N Charge Controller

The CIS-N is a new member of the CIS series. It was specifically developed to bring optimum performance and the useful features of the popular positive-grounded CIS charge controller to negative-grounded applications. Thanks to its robustness and design, it is ideal for applications in demanding environments like the gas and oil industry, for traffic systems (e.g. traffic control systems, signal lamps), and for any PV applications which are exposed to harsh environmental conditions. Versions include CIS-N-10 (part# 014365) and CIS-N-20 (part# 019004).

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