Morningstar ReadyBlock – ReadyBMS

The ReadyBlock BMS is an optional accessory for Morningstar Integrated Series Products that can unlock more advanced communication with select Lithium batteries. (Consult the SunWize engineering team for exact requirements.)


From: $304.44

Part Number: 021364


  • Enables communication and closed-loop charging control with lithium batteries (Visit Morningstar ESP webpage to what brands are compatible with the BMS ReadyBlock at this time.)
  • No need for external accessories
  • Integrates seamlessly into Morningstar host components
  • Provides detailed battery information for decision-making and automated actions
  • Compatible with Morningstar’s LiveView monitoring system
  • Product Available in Limited Quantity, Call 1-866-827-6527 for Availability 

    Morningstar ReadyBlock – ReadyBMS

    Morningstar ReadyBlock – ReadyBMS is a powerful addition to any system equipped with a Morningstar Integrated Series parent component, such as the Genstar Controller, and ReadyRail/ReadyBlock expansion technology. It enables “closed-loop” charging control and communication with the Tier 2 lithium battery brands in Morningstar’s Energy Storage Partner program. Currently, it supports two-way closed-loop communication and operation with Discover and PylonTech LiFePO4 batteries.

    Morningstar ReadyBlock – ReadyBMS is part of the ReadyBlock suite of add-on functionality available in Morningstar “host” components featuring the ReadyRail expansion system. It can be easily integrated into a system at any time, either at inception or later as needs arise. Once added, it becomes seamlessly integrated into both the hardware and software of the host component.

    The Morningstar ReadyBlock – ReadyBMS will deliver total peace of mind during operation. The charger and battery work in unison as a system, ensuring optimal charging while not exceeding limits. The closed-loop design means that there is no need to specify charge algorithm parameters – ReadyBMS “gets it right” every time.

    In addition to its reliable performance, ReadyBMS provides users with powerful information for decision-making. Detailed battery information is made available for use in logic configuration, allowing users to specify automated actions in their system. There is also no need for external widgets or accessories such as Remote Temperature Sensors and Battery Sensors. ReadyBMS gets charging commands directly from the battery that are already temperature compensated, along with battery voltage reporting, eliminating the need for additional connections and reducing system complexity.

    Morningstar ReadyBlock – ReadyBMS is a reliable and powerful tool for communicating and controlling lithium batteries. It delivers integrated battery BMS data and enables “closed-loop” charging control, all without the need for additional configuration or connections. Keep an eye on the Morningstar ESP webpage for updates as more closed-loop communication battery partners are added.