Hybrid Fuel Cell System

Custom hybrid system designed for you specific load

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  • NEMA3R aluminum enclosure for batteries and controls
  • Separate electrical inputs for Fuel Cell
  • 12 and 24VDC load terminals, 4 with 15A and 1 with 50A breaker
  • Includes (4) AGM Group 8D style 12V VRLA batteries rated for 574Ah at 24VDC

Product Data

Hybrid Fuel Cell System

The SunWize Power & Battery Hybrid Fuel Cell System is a versatile autonomous power unit designed for hybrid fuel cell configurations in outdoor industrial applications. This unit allows a variety of energy input options, including Grid, Generator, Fuel Cell, and Thermo-Electric Generators (TEG). The Hybrid Fuel Cell System provides the benefits of scalable baseload power with the reliability of a battery backup UPS system.