Phocos ECO-N-MPPT 85/15 Charge Controller

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Part Number: 020057


• 12-24 VDC | 15A
• MPPT: Maximum Power Point Tracking technology
• Auto-detects system voltage between 12 and 24V
• Includes LVD protection and battery temperature compensation

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Phocos ECO-N-MPPT 85/15 Charge Controller

The ECO-N-MPPT 85/15 is an MPPT charge controller designed by Phocos. It features a 3-stage I/U curve charge control algorithm that increases the battery lifespan resulting in maximized power output and reduced system costs. Three LEDs display charging progress, battery SOC, and load status for a simple, yet sufficient data visual. The ECO-N-MPPT 85/15 is optimized to work with 60-cell modules and ensures maximum performance and yield from all types of PV systems year-round.

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