Deka Unigy II AGM Battery Series

Vertically-stacked modular battery system that uses interlockable modules composed of 2V cells to create high-capacity 12V, 24V, or 48V battery banks

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• 4V-48V AGM battery system formed by 2V battery cells
• 1344Ah-2930Ah single string capacity
• Up to 11,720Ah multiple string capacity
• Vertical stacking saves space
• Maintenance-free, solar AGM battery
• MICROCAT™ Vent improves high-temperature performance

Deka Unigy II AGM Battery Series

The UNIGY II battery series uses 2V interlockable modules in a vertical-stacked style. The patented Interlock Module design allows for front access bolting. In addition, this series uses solid copper cell terminals for maximum conductivity. Utilizing a small footprint, the Unigy II series saves space while maximizing optimal power. Assembly is quick and easy! Finally, Unigy II products are designed to meet the requirements of IEC 60896-21/22, BS 6290 and SR-4228. This line is ideal for powering telecommunications, railroad signage, and uninterruptible power sources. Models include: 3AVR95-21, 3AVR95-23, 3AVR95-25, 3AVR95-27, 3AVR95-29, 3AVR95-31, 3AVR95-33, and 2AVR125-33 IL.

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