Analytic Systems BCA1000-110 AC Battery Charger

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  • 60A | 12, 24, 48VDC
  • 110/220 Vac input option
  • Temperature compensated technology
  • Switchmode capabilities result in ultra-quiet operation
  • Adjustable output voltage for charging standard or deep cycle lead-acid, VRLA or Gel battery

Product Data

Analytic Systems BCA1000-110 AC Battery Charger

The BCA1000-110 battery charger has a single board design which incorporates state of the art switchmode technology for unmatched efficiency and ultra-quiet operation. Multiple stages of filtering reduce radiated or conducted noise to very low levels. Extra features include adjustable output voltage, audible and visual indicators for low input voltage, low output voltage, over temperature and an equalize charging cycle. Safety features of the BCA1000-110-12 include charger and battery over-temperature shutdown, current limiting, short circuit protection with automatic recovery, input undervoltage shutdown, reverse battery hook-up protection, a dry contact alarm relay output and output overvoltage crowbar. Versions include BCA1000-110-12 (part# 017936), BCA1000-110-24 (part# 003404), and BCA1000-110-48 (part# 014070).