230057 – PR Express Panel PS25 MPPT, 12/24 Volts



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SunWize Power Ready Express Control Panels

SunWize PR Express Control Panel PS25 MPPT, is a prewired aluminum panel for our Power Ready Express systems. It has all of the necessary switchgear to hookup a charge/load controller to a solar array, battery bank and load. SunWize Charge controllers have ratings between 6A and 40A are available in standard power ready express control panel configurations. The MPPT versions can use the power from the solar array more efficiently than the standard PR Express control panels and have additional features.
The control panel consists of an aluminum backplate; a charge controller; two load terminals; and breakers for the array, battery and load. All breakers are sized to match the rating of the charge controller.



Increases solar array production 3-5%


Advanced lighting controls


Remote data retrieval and access


Customizable programming


Optional digital meter display

• IAutomatic recovery without fuses

Can Ship Systems Day of Order
Save time & money by purchasing the complete Power Ready Express Kit
Same quality design and components used in our fully assembled off-grid systems