018059 – AC/DC Inverter, 3500W, 12VDC, 115VAC, Cotek SD3500-148 GFCI New



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The Cotek SD3500-148 pure sine wave inverter has been designed for demanding off-grid and mobile applications. This SD series inverter provides up to 90% of high efficiency and maintains a wide operating temperature range to fulfill even the most demanding jobs. It includes a parallel redundancy design for power expansion and provides seamless failover against network failure; the SD series can be used for N+1 (N?14) redundancy and the ability of enlarging the capacity, meaning users can install maximum 15 units of inverters together in parallel in order to provide the power expansion.

Key Features & Attributes:

? Automatic master mechanism to eliminate single point failure and optimize reliability
? Built-in ATS and AC circuit breaker
? RS-232 communication
? Input & output fully isolated
? Output voltage / power saving mode selectable by DIP switch or remote control (CR-10)
? Input Protection: Reverse Polarity (Fuse) / Under Voltage / Over Voltage.
? Output Protection: Short Circuit/ Overload/ Over Temperature/ Over Voltage