MK 8L16-DEKA Flooded Battery

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• 6V Flooded lead acid battery
• 420Ah at C/100 | Group Size: L16
• Microporous polyethylene envelopes/separators
• Individual Plate Formation (IPF) for proper voltage matching
• ABS case and cover
• Terminals: T875
• Low self-discharge rate, 4%/month

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MK 8L16-DEKA Flooded Battery

The 8L16-DEKA flooded battery is made with long-lasting epoxy coated steel trays and is thermally sealed from cover to container. It features high capacity flat plate cells with a cycle life of 1500 cycles @ 80% DOD or 4000 cycles @ 20% DOD, equating to a long life of 12 to 14 years in shallow cycle service. The MK 8L16-DEKA has a large reservoir for electrolyte allows up to six-month watering intervals. Some available options include a single point watering system, High Density Polyethylene plastic trays, cone and thimble bolt-on terminals, and EZ Link bolt on connections.

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