MK ES20-12C AGM Battery

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Part Number: 002746


• AGM deep cycle lead acid batteries
• 20Ah at C/20 | Group Size: Other
• Maintenance free, with ABS case and cover
• Individual Plate Formation (IPF) for proper voltage matching
• Terminals: F3
• Low self-discharge rate, only 3%/month

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MK ES20-12C AGM Battery

The MK ES20-12C is a sealed, maintenance-free, valve-regulated AGM battery with efficient recombination. It is rated non-spillable by ICAO, IATA, and DOT with forged terminals and bushings assuring no leakage. Featuring Individual plate formation (IPF), the MK ES20-12C ensures proper voltage matching among cells. There is no need for maintenance with this high quality, sealed construction battery. It presents a dual purpose design that yields deep cycle service and high rate performance without any added effort. It is available in smaller size capacity ratings and is perfect for use powering lighter loads such as telemetry, SCADA, remote monitoring, UPS systems, LED, and emergency lighting.

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