Intro to Wind & Hybrid Power Systems

Watch Webinar | Time: 51:03

This joint webinar between SunWize and Primus Wind Power covers critical info on using the AIR series wind turbines in both stand-alone wind, as well as, solar-wind hybrid applications. Learn the advantages and best practices for using wind energy from the experts!

Join Ken Kotalik, Director of Global Sales/Operations at Primus, and Rob Rallo, Senior Engineer at SunWize Power & Battery, for an informative session on wind energy and hybrid power systems, particularly how wind and solar are complementary in off-grid systems during critical winter periods.


  • How wind and solar can work together to improve the reliability of your system.
  • How to integrate the two technologies
  • What additional materials are required. e.g. regulators, disconnects, stall switches, install kits, etc.
  • Wind generator height and placement
  • And other considerations