Positive Train Control Monitoring Stations

Appl-Train-SafetyCongress passed the Rail Safety Improvement Act which mandates that privately owned railroads must install around 30,000 positive train control monitoring stations across 60,000 miles of the country’s railway network by Dec. 31, 2018. SunWize Power has partnered with rail transportation – already one of the safest industries in the United States – to be even safer. Our remote solar battery systems assist in providing power to positive train control (PTC), and supporting the technology that monitors and can even automatically stopping a train before an accident happens.

Positive train control, a set of highly advanced technologies, monitors conditions of railway tracks and the locations and speeds of rail cars. It can also control a train’s movements by sending information to the train about its location and where it’s allowed to safely travel. SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), a computer system used for gathering and analyzing real-time data, can then control the equipment on board the train, slowing it down or stopping it if needed to avoid accidents.

SunWize Power provides reliable remote solar battery systems that support PTC technologies that prevent train-to-train collisions, derailments due to speeding, and even accidental train movement due to switches left in the wrong position. Positive train control can be used for both freight and commuter rail and is already being implemented on railway tracks all over the U.S.

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The Solar Solution

How are 30,000 monitoring stations powered across the country, some in extremely remote locations, through all kinds of weather? Remote solar battery systems are the ideal solution. Sunwize specializes in high-quality, industry-standard remote power and battery systems.

Solar power is the most reliable and cost-effective alternative with regards to getting power into those remote areas where your monitoring equipment needs to go. At SunWize Power & Battery, our experience and quality products makes working in remote areas easier. Our remote solar power battery systems are being used in mountainous environments and desert terrain, in places where grid power is not easily accessible, and in areas where the event of an outage can be problematic. Our field-proven solar power systems provide reliable power when and where you need it and can be customized to fit your project’s unique needs.

Sunwize Power Ready Systems are complete solar electric systems that provide continuous, reliable power and need little maintenance. Our team of highly-experienced engineering staff can design rugged power systems to meet your project’s technical, logistical and electrical requirements at each location.

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Advantages of Remote Solar Energy

SunWize remote power solutions provide numerous advantages when used to monitor airport noise.

– Solar panel charges a battery while powering monitoring systems
– Battery power lasts several days when in use
– Reduces grid power consumption costs Allows for constant monitoring 24/7
– Customized for specific power requirements due to monitoring standards

Quotation Process

Given the variety of requirements for rail applications and the requirements of each specific location, it is highly recommended to contact our team to assist you in designing a solar power system. Upon speaking with our team and providing information on your project’s power requirements, we will assess your needs and provide a quote for your integrated power system that includes an appropriately-sized solar power array, battery bank, control assembly, cost and lead time.

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