Almost Everything you need to know about Solar Mounts

Watch Webinar | Time: 1:02:17

Solar module mounts are designed to affix various quantities of solar modules to a variety of fixture structures. When installed properly, module mounts provide a stable base for your PV array, even in high wind zones. There are a variety of module mount designs available on the market, some of them nearly identical, while others are quite unique. This presentation will provide a broad overview of the most critical design factors of solar array mounts for small to medium sized applications (less than approximately 10kW of solar). Included in our discussion will be the following design styles:
• single-arm side of pole
• double-arm side of pole
• top of pole
• roof/ground mount
• skid mounts

Below are just some of the important topics that are covered in this webinar
• Corrosion considerations, materials & coatings (Anytime you have metal exposed to the elements you can count on corrosion being a factor!)
• Fix tilt vs adjustable tilt racking systems
• Mounting hole compatibility
• Wind speed design considerations (ASCE vs IBC, general guidelines)
• Tilt angle rules & positionings
• Accessories & special considerations
• U-Bolts vs Band clamps
• Large Pipe Adapters
• Using our module mount selection tool
• Much More! While many of the topics and examples are in the context of the specific mount products SunWize offers (particularly SunWize and Solar Rackworks brand mounts), these design rules and guidelines generally apply to other common industry solutions since the most common form factors are very similar. Therefore, the topics covered in this webinar will be applicable regardless of who you purchase your mount products from!

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