Advance Charge Controller Topics for Off-Grid Applications

Watch Webinar | Time: 108:56

The charge controller is the “heart” of every off-grid power system - it is the critical point of interaction where the other major components of your system interface. While solar modules and batteries may be equally critical aspects of the system, they are generally simple and discreet components in comparison, the rules governing them are relatively straightforward (neither modules or batteries have programmable menus!) and covered in our other learning materials.

Charge controllers, in comparison, can represent a very significant step-up in complexity, with far more factors to consider in order to achieve optimal designs. Join us for an informative webinar on some of the most relevant advanced charge controller considerations when designing, procuring, or building industrial power systems in off-grid applications. Whether you purchase and use stand-alone charge controllers, assemble them into your own solar charge control panels, or purchase pre-assembled solar charge control panels, you will learn valuable tips on how to use various charge controllers, and more importantly, why you would do so!

Below are just some of the important topics that are covered in this webinar:

  • Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD)
  • Meter/Display, including LED Indicators & Error codes
  • Adjustable Set-points
  • Remote Monitoring & Control, including basic overview and EIA-485 networking
  • Datalogging
  • Lighting Control
  • Alarms
  • Generator Control
  • Auxiliary Control, including Fans & Intrusion Detection

This is an advanced webinar and is intended for users with some level of background familiarity with solar charge controllers and/or PV-battery systems. Presented by SunWize senior engineer Rob Rallo, who has over 25 years’ experience designing reliable off-grid solar and battery backup power systems.