SunWize SWPB-65-MC4-12 Solar Module

Heavy-duty, industrial 65W solar module featuring quick-connect MC4 cables and a UL 1703 certification.

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Part Number: 270173


  • 65W / 12V / UL 1703 Certified
  • 5-Year product workmanship warranty
  • Anodized aluminum tubular frame for durability
  • Two bypass diodes protect against hot-spot damage
  • Impact-resistant glass allows max light transmission
  • Junction Box with (4) ½” conduit knockouts and installed MC4 cable

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SunWize SWPB-65-MC4-12 Solar Module

The SWPB-65-MC4 is a 65W module. You can wire it in series for higher voltages. It’s also an impact resistant solar module. Because of this, it is an excellent choice for off-grid solar power applications. It features single crystalline solar cells bonded to white Tedlar backing ensuring a long life in severe environmental conditions. The SWPB-65-MC4 is typically used to charge 12 Volt, 24 volt, or 48 Volt batteries when wired into one, two, or four solar modules. In addition, it features MC4 cables for a quick connection. UL 1703 certified.

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