OutBack SkyBox True Hybrid Inverter-Charger

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Part Number: 020082


  • 5000W / 94% eff. / 60Hz
  • 48VDC input | 120/240VAC split-phase output
  • Easy and fast to install, clean Balance-of-systems, all in one box
  • Advanced Battery Charging capabilities
  • High 600V PV voltage input allows long strings
  • Extensive quality and reliability testing, including Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT)

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OutBack SkyBox True Hybrid Inverter-Charger

SkyBox makes smart solar simple with an advanced technology single-box design, and represents a breakthrough in the field of advanced power conversion, processing and control. The fully integrated design of the SkyBox system eliminates external charge controllers and communication boxes, significantly cutting installation time and cost. Ease-of-installation makes this energy solution ideal for installers interested in following the market’s move towards battery-based systems.

The SkyBox provides backup power and support for time-of-use optimization. Unit is compliant with California rule 21 and Hawaii 14H grid support requirements. SkyBox unit is NEMA 3R rated and works with a wide variety of 48V battery chemistries.