Primus 1-TWA-11-01 Guyed Tower Kit

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Part Number: 003718


  • 27′ tower – easy to install in less than 1 hour
  • Simple and effective tower base and anchoring system
  • Lightweight tubing eradicates the need for mechanical equipment

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Primus 1-TWA-11-01 Guyed Tower Kit

The 1-TWA-11-01 tower kit is designed specifically for the Primus Wind Power AIR 30 and AIR 40 wind turbines. Guy wire supported construction allows the use of lightweight tubing while providing plenty of strength for all but hurricane conditions. Two people can easily erect a tower with this kit in an hour. Since the turbine and the tower kit are light in weight, no winches, vehicles are needed to erect the tower.

Depending on your soil conditions, cement may be necessary for proper anchoring. It is important to read the owner’s manual first and understand your soil conditions before you begin construction.