Morningstar TS-RM-2, TriStar Remote Digital Meter

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Part Number: 003278


• Easy to Install using standard 6 conductor RJ-11 connectors
• Includes four directional pushbuttons and backlighting for easy use
• Auto detects any device found on the network and aggregates system data

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Morningstar TS-RM-2, TriStar Remote Digital Meter

Morningstar’s TriStar Meter-2 (TS-RM-2) is an advanced digital meter that may be used with any TriStar™ solar controller. It is flush mounted up to 30 meters (98.4 feet) away from the controller. The TS-RM-2 meter is a 2 x 16 character LCD that displays extensive system and controller information, logged data, bar graph metering, as well as alarms and faults for easy troubleshooting. The information may be shown in English, French, German, Portuguese, or Spanish languages. In multi-controller systems the TS-RM-2 is networkable using Morningstar’s MeterHub to allow individual controller data and aggregate system data to be displayed together on a single meter.

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