SunWize 53″ Side of Pole Mount, 2″-4″ pole

Fits up to (2) 160W modules. Please use our 1-Module Large Format Mount for 300W large format modules.

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Part Number: 007953-1

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SunWize 53″ Side of Pole Mount, 2″-4″ pole

The SunWize 53″ side of pole mount is a high-quality solar module mount for industrial applications. It is weather resistant and provides strength and durability in extreme environments. Our solar mounts use trusted designs that have seen thousands of installations all over the world. This mount meets industry standards and has stood the test of time. Because of this, Governments, Fortune 500 companies, and small businesses alike trust the 53″ side of pole mount.

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Don’t worry – we also offer ground mounts and top of pole mounts to suit your needs!