PR Express Accessory Panel PoE Injector 24V/48V

Assembled control panel for stand-alone uses or in our express shipped PRE systems. If in stock ships 1-3 days, backordered ships 2-3 weeks.

From: $208.33

Part Number: 230125


  • One 24V passive and one 48V (802.3af) active PoE injector
  • Injects power into device without affecting the data
  • Completely assembled and ready to install
  • Used in Power Ready Express Systems or stand-alone applications

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PR Express Accessory Panel PoE Injector 24V/48V

SunWize PR Express Accessory Panel 230125 is a prewired aluminum control panel for our Power Ready Express systems. The control panel features a Power over Ethernet injector that allows the user to power and enable internet capabilities without affecting data.

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