Power Ready Express 270339


• 945W | 24 VDC
• 630 Ah @ C/100
• Typically ships within 5 days
• Side-of-pole or top-of-pole mount options
• Quick-install stand-alone solar system with assembled control panel

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The SunWize Power Ready Express 270339 is a complete remote solar battery kit that contains everything you need to run a stand-alone DC load using solar energy. Similar to our Power Ready line of fully-assembled systems, but in a kit package, the Power Ready Express 270339 contains all pre-inventoried items, allowing us to quickly fulfill your order. PRE kits feature a pre-wired and fully assembled control panel, requiring only simple array and battery connection terminations during installation. Speak to your sales executive to learn more about how SunWize can service your power needs!

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