Phocos CXNup Charge Controller

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• 12-24 VDC | 10, 20 or 40A
• PWM: 4- stage Pulse Width Modulation technology
• Auto-detects system voltage between 12 and 24V
• Includes LVD protection and battery temperature compensation

Product Data


Phocos CXNup Charge Controller

The CXNup is a highly intelligent charge controller use in a wide range of applications. It features an intuitive user interface and stores up to two (2) years of valuable system performance data, which is accessible via the LCD and PhocosLink software. Real-time battery voltage, SOC %, charge and load current, and system status are clearly displayed on the large, backlit LCD. Optional acoustic battery alarms and a programmable solar lighting function are also standard. Versions include CXNup10 (part# 020052), CXNup20 (part# 020053), and CXNup40 (part# 020054).

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