SunWize Skid Mount

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Part Number: 240040


  • Fits (2) 375W modules up to 750W in total
  • 80″L x 78.25″W x 98″H
  • Heavy Duty Steel design for durability
  • Easily accessible enclosures
  • Forklift pockets and lifting holes make transport and setup easy

Product Data

SunWize Skid Mount

The Self Standing Solar Structure Skid Mount is a complete solution for mounting solar panels. Designed to support up to (2) large format 72-cell solar modules (between 300W and 375W each) on the adjustable-tilt rails. It features a solid steel base with an enamel coating and adjustable aluminum mounting rails. The base has built-in lifting eyes for cranes and pockets for forklifts. Controls or battery enclosures can be mounted on the base to form a fully self-contained system.

Our self-standing solar structures feature integration with several of our SunWize enclosure models. They are designed to work with nominal 72-cell 24V modules. All structures require user-supplied ballast blocking or weight.