019455 – PicoPanel Power Blend, Controller/Disconnect/Blending

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019455 – PicoPanel Power Blend, Controller/Disconnect/Blending

SunTech Drive PicoPanelsTM offer pre-assembled and pre-configured power mounting panels with a 2HP PicoCellTM Controller, your chosen SolProtectTM Disconnect enclosure and optional Power Blending Controller. PicoPanelsTM simplify installation, requiring only clamping the panel to your post, and connecting the PV and load wires.

SunTech Drive’s Power Blending Controller allows the PicoCellTM to intelligently blend power between the solar array and the power grid. This allows for pumps and other electric loads to run at full capacity regardless of solar irradiance. On a cloudy afternoon, the PicoCellTM will draw as much power as is available from the PV panels and the balance from the power grid. As evening comes, power automatically transitions completely to the grid providing a 24/7 power source with the lowest energy cost possible.