019452 – PicoCell 2000 AC Motor Controller, Single/Three Phase

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019452 – PicoCell 2000 AC Motor Controller, Single/Three Phase

PicoCell replaces traditional electromagnetic design concepts with high voltage silicon and patented adaptive firmware. This drives a dramatic reduction in size and complexity. One small device now incorporates and integrates the functionality of an inverter, VFD, MPPT controller, phase initiator and voltage boost in a form factor the size of a tissue box. One universal SKU can power any motor, pump, compressor or other load regardless of whether it is single or three phase AC, 50 or 60Hz, 120 or 230VAC. Designed to handle remote off-grid installations, the all-aluminum chassis is IP65 rated for harsh outdoor environments and can operate in high temperatures, humidity and corrosiveenvironments.

PicoCell supports up to 2 digital and 4 analog sensor inputs allowing for a variety of sophisticated installation scenarios. Optional WiFi, Cellular, and LORA communication modules facilitate ease of integration for IoT and data analytics applications.

Key Features & Attributes:

• Run single phase AC motor off of Solar PV without batteries
• Run single/three phase AC motor with same size Solar PV as BLDC motor
• Eliminates need for control box for 3 wire single phase AC motor
• Universal unit – single/three phase, 50 or 60Hz, 120V or 230Vac
• Small size fully enclosed unit with passive design – no moving parts
• Works with or without battery bank
• WiFi, Cellular and LoRa communication modules are optional
• Operating status conditions indicated by multicolor LEDs
• Soft-start feature to increase pump and system life