OutBack OUT 290FLA Flooded Battery

From: $194.73

Part Number: 019354


• 6V Flooded lead acid battery
• 290Ah at C/100
• Rugged, deep cycle cell construction for superior performance
• Plate separators guard against short-circuit to ensure reliability
• Terminals: Standard Type with Stainless Steel
• ABS case and cover
• Low self-discharge rate, less than 2%/month

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OutBack OUT 290FLA Flooded Battery

OutBack Power’s EnergyCell FLA batteries are designed for light-commercial off-grid renewable energy power demands. Optimized to work seamlessly with OutBack Power conversion equipment, the OUT 290FLA is a perfect addition to the OutBack single-brand system solution. Built for rugged, deep cycle cell construction, it delivers superior performance and longevity. The OUT 290FLA is purpose-built and easy to install, perfect for off-grid power demands.

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