019022 – Charge Controller, 12-24V, 30A, PWM, LVD, CMLsolid30 – PG


Phocos CMLsolid30

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CMLsolid Charge Controller

At 30A max charge/load current, the CMLsolid is the highest pwered version of Phocos’ popular CML family. With over a million CML controllers in service all over the world, it is easily one of the most widely deployed controllers on Earth.

CMLsolid offers additional powerful features such as automatic inverter load control for Go Power! SW Series inverters (GP-SW-1000, GP-SW-2000, and GP-SW-3000) protecting the battery from damage due to deep discharge. An on-board USB port charges mobile phones, tablets and other portable devices from the PV system.

Application examples:
• Solar Message Boards
• RVs/Campers
• Off Grid Homes/Cabins
• SCADA Systems